mag|a|zine «MAG uh ZEEN, MAG uh zeen», noun, verb, -zined, -zin|ing.
1. a) a publication appearing regularly and containing stories, articles, and illustrations by various contributors. Most magazines are published either weekly or monthly. »

[He] noted a switch in the roles of…the magazines, which once dealt mainly in fiction and features (Time).

SYNONYM(S): periodical. b) a television or radio program of a group of linked or related features: »

a weekly hourlong news magazine.

2. a room in a fort or warship for storing gunpowder, ammunition, and other explosives: »

The enemy…have evacuated the south side, after exploding their magazines (London Times).

3. a building for storing gunpowder, guns, or other military supplies: »

A company of men…were stationed there until the Civil War, when the fortifications were reduced to a naval magazine with a complement of five (New Yorker).

4. a place in a repeating rifle, a revolver, or an automatic gun from which cartridges are fed into the firing chamber.
5. a place for holding a roll or reel of film in a camera or projector.
6. a place or region rich in natural or commercial products: »

This district is a magazine of mineral wealth.

7. a storehouse; warehouse: »

a magazine of flesh, milk, butr and cheese (Daniel Defoe). Figurative. The mind of man in a long life will become a magazine of wisdom or folly (Sir Richard Steele).

to store in or as if in a magazine.
[< Old French magazin < Italian magazzino, ultimately < Arabic makhāzin, plural of makhzan storehouse]

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